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Open Group Classes (English / Mandarin)
小组声乐课(英文 / 中文)

Come and join us to sing weekly, no need to form your own group!

Suitable for beginners and intermediate singers

Max 6 singers per class

Learn basic techniques that you can use for all songs:

- Breathing

- Projection

- Power

- Sing and move smoothly between high and low notes

- Reduce voice breaks
- Bring out the best of your voice
- Boost confidence & Ready for karaoke night!





- 呼吸

- 投射声乐

- 歌唱力度

- 高音与低音的唱法与转运


- 除去破音

- 发挥出您最好的嗓音

- 增强自信,随时能卡拉OK高歌几曲!

2024-02 Group Classe Schedule.png

The studio will be closed on the following dates 声乐室以下日期将休假

January 1, 6

February 10, 11, 12

March 29

April 10

May 1, 4 - 12, 22

June 17

August 9

October 31

November 4 - 10

December 25, 31

How To Sign Up

1. Purchase an Open Class Package below

2. Book your class slots

3. Attend & sing!

1. 在以下签订小组声乐课配套

2. 预定上课时段

3. 出席,唱歌!

Purchase Open Group Class Packages

Items 配套项目
4 Lessons 四堂课
8 Lessons 八堂课
12 Lessons 十二堂课
Price 价格 (SGD)
Validity 有效期
6 weeks 六周
11 weeks 十一周
16 weeks 十六周

To purchase Open Group Class Packages, please click the links below


Purchase 4 Lessons   签订四堂课

Purchase 8 Lessons   签订八堂课

Purchase 12 Lessons   签订十二堂课

Book Open Group Classes

Please click the links below to BOOK a group class


Adult Singing Foundation Group Class (English)

Book Monday, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Book Thursday, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

成人声乐基础班 (中文)

预定星期一,8.30pm - 9.30pm

预定星期四,8.30pm - 9.30pm

How To Book Open Group Class Lessons

1. Purchase an Open Group Class Package using the links above


2. Select a class from the segment "Book Open Group Class"

   在这段说明之前,“预定小组声乐课” 的一部分,选择自己要预定的课程时间段

3. From the calendar, select the class date and time slot


2024 Group Class Instructions.png

4a. If you are booking only 1 class, use "Select and continue"

      若您只要预定一堂课,点击 "Select and continue"

4b. If you are booking more than 1 class, use "Select and add another time", add another time, then click the Continue button

      若您要预定两堂课以上,点击 "Select and add another time",继续选择时间。选择完毕,点击 "Continue" 按钮

      The screen will show this image below


2024 Group Class Instructions 2.png

5. Fill in your name, phone number, and email address, or log in (top right corner) if you already have an account.

   填写姓名,手机号码,电邮地址。若已经有Acuity Scheduling账户,也能通过右上角 "Log In" 登入

   Your email address should be the same as the one used to purchase the Group Class Package


6. Click on "Redeem Gift Certificate"

   点击 "Redeem Gift Certificate"

7. Click on "Complete Appointment"

   点击 "Complete Appointment"

2024 Group Class Instructions 4.png

If you're facing issues booking any class, drop us a message on WhatsApp at 88748994 and we will gladly help!

​若您在预定课程时遇到任何困难,请通过 WhatsApp 88748994 联络我们,我们会乐意的帮助你!

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